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2024 CAG Member Gallery

To see a larger image, click the art, and you’ll go to that artist’s personal page. You can then click that image and see the entire image.

We are transitioning from 2023 to 2024 and automatically creating member pop-up pages. Members, click this link and fill out the form and you, too, can have a gallery page on our website!



Oil on Canvas

With reverence for nature, Ellen's oil paintings invite you into the wilds of Wisconsin. She presents beautifully atmospheric work, creating an almost myth-like reality of a time and place of importance and power. Changing light and the colors it introduces are a personal joy and the often serene quality of scenes of untouched wonders continue as interests in her painting.

Erin Callahan


Watercolors, Oils

I paint to create something different from a subject that is common to you.

Bryan H


Watercolor/ Oil / Oil Cold wax

I have been painting for a couple of years since I retired. I enjoy painting with various media and a diverse set of subject matter. However, I am drawn to landscape and outdoor scenery. I am sure my art will continue to change and evolve as I learn from others and employ new techniques.



beaded jewelry

I've been a painter, a weaver, graphic artist but the last ten plus years, I've been making beaded jewelry. I love it. My house is overflowing with one- of a -kind necklace sets, earrings, bracelets and rosaries. Come and join in the fun.



Fiber artist working with fine wool and silk, felting wearable art and home decor



Hand Built Ceramics-Mixed Media

My pieces are one-of-a-kind hand built creations. I often incorporate found items and repurposed antiques and hardware, bring them a new life.
I love incorporating humor and expression into my works based on my experiences. The viewer is invited to add their own experiences to the work.



mixed media

Cherie Burbach is an award-winning artist and writer. She has painted ever since she was a child. A desire to offer hope and encouragement is the intention behind all of her creative efforts. She has written dozens of books and exhibited in various venues throughout Wisconsin, California, Michigan, and New York. She’s written for places like NBC/Universal, the New York Times, Christianity Today, and more. Her art is sold in artsy shops and galleries throughout the Midwest. For her, words and images are closely tied in telling a story of faith and confidence about the future.




Photography hobbyist who enjoys exploring the surroundings with camera in hand. Looking for transcendent images and using photography as haiku.



oil, watercolor, gouache

Victoria is a classically trained visual artist inspired by the tradition of the European theatre. In her attention to detail and sense of style, Victoria draws inspiration from such greats as Erté, Leon Bakst and Alexandre Benouis.

She was born and raised in Moscow, Russia, receiving her Master’s in Costume and Set Design from the world-renowned Moscow Art Theatre School (MXAT). She also received vigorous training in representational painting from the Surikov’s School of Fine Art.



Ink + Clay

Enter an entirely handcrafted world of illustrated ceramic ware, tiny figurines and wabi tea cups and mugs along side playful sumi ink drawings when you visit this artist and designers studio + showroom located in downtown Cedarburg on the third floor of the historic Cedar Creek Settlement Shop building. Featuring buck tooth bandit girls, beardos and collectable sculpture for the art lovers home.



Watercolor, Oil

Cedarburg, Wisconsin has been Christine’s home for 20 years. Her love of nature and architecture influences her art. With each painting, a new journey of discovery begins. Watercolor is a medium that gives endless
opportunities to learn more.




The artist has been involved in creating works for over 45 years with a wide range of subject matter: portraits, abstracts, landscapes/seascapes and works that combine abstract and representational elements. His work is in private collections internationally and has been shown in approximately 130 exhibitions.

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