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Since the beginning our goal has been to support a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment where all members feel respected and valued. And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. Our community has grown to include local artists and students from all walks of life. We’re so proud of the community we’ve created and love watching our artists blossom.


Bringing Artists Together

Cedarburg Artists Guild (CAG) is a well respected and thriving artist collective located in southeastern Wisconsin. We’ve got a reputation of hosting outstanding events like Paint Cedarburg (plein air), Covered Bridge Art Studio Tour, Annual Juried Exhibit and the Holiday Art Fair. Our talented member's work is also showcased at Main Street Gallery in Cedarburg. If you're looking for a fun, friendly, and well rounded artistic experience our guild is for you!

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Meet the people
that make our guild exceptional.


* Currently serving on the CAG board 

** Founding member of CAG

*** New member of the guild

A directory.png
B directory copy.png

Mary Ackerman,*** varied

Ellen Anderson,* oil painter

Hector Acuna,* oil

Jeff Austin,woodworker

Mary Lou Austin,

Jeremiah Backhaus, steel

Noora Badeen,*** varied

Susan Bailey Gattoni, ceramics

Judith Bandurski, varied

Emily Barelmann,***

Sandy Bates, Christmas ornaments

Diane Boer-Henke, ceramics

Victoria Berdichevsky,***varied

Chris Behrs, pastel

K.C. Bonaparte,***

Melanie Boyung,***

Charles Bleau, varied 

Robert Budecki, woodworking 

Jim Buivid,*** Photography

Erin Callahan Blum, watercolor, oil

Carrie Bury, mixed media

Karla Byl,mixed media 

C directory copy 2.png

Diane Carlson 

Judy Carlton, watercolor, acrylic

Charlotte Castleberry,***

Christine Christon, watercolor, oil

Lori Cihlar,***beaded jewelry

Wallis Coffman,***

Vince Condella, photography

Jean Crane, watercolor

D directory copy 3.png

Dara Danola,***varied

Tim Darnell, mixed media

Katherine de Shazer,*egg tempera

Laura Debbinkwatercolor

Bridget DeLoge, stained glass

Martha Derocher, varied

Barbara Dickmann, clay

LisaBeth Dohrwardtmixed media

Mary Dooley-Newcomb, watercolor

Patrick Doughman, egg tempera

Patti Doughman, folk art

E directory copy 4.png

Beth Ehler, oil, cold wax

Joseph Eichers,***

Donna Eigen,***

Henry Eisenhauer, steel

Dave Eitel,** photography

Janet Erickson, metal sculpture

F directory copy 5.png

Elizabeth Fagan, digital prints

Kathleen Flaherty, oil

Robin Fleming, jewelry, fiber

Jennifer M Flierl, acrylic

Ann Frank, acrylic

Sue Frenzel, jewelry

G directory copy 6.png

Karen Gall, watercolor, acrylic

Kelly Garcia

R Gattoni,

Carol Gengler, paint

Kandy Gibson,* pottery

Carol glaser,***varied

Nancy Going, jewelry

Sharone Goodman,***mixed media

Marcia Gorra-Patek, varied

Teresa Graf, varied

Haley Grebe, acrylic

Rachel Gremminger,***

Dan Grunst, wood carvings, furniture

H directory copy 7.png

Howard Haas, wood

Amy Hafemann,* pottery

Susan Hale,** oil

Jane Hamilton, acrylics

Ronnie Hammes, oil, acrylics

Judy Hanson,***

Mark Hargarten, resin, wood

Holly Harnischfeger,***

Grant Haynes,*** 

Ilze Heider, leather

Justine S Heinrichs,***fiber

Micki High, oil, cold wax

Joan Hollnagel, acrylic, clay

Stella Holmesacrylics

Scott Holtorf, mixed media

Christine Hubbard, oil, acrylic

Julianne Hunter, acrylics

Beth Hustad, varied

Bruce Hustad, watercolor, drawing

I directory copy 8.png

Tom Ingrassia, photography

Deborah Inman, oil, cold wax

J directory copy 9.png

Sandra Jacques, oil, cold wax

Amy Jarvis, oil

Megan Johnson, mixed media

K directory copy 10.png

Martin Keey, photography

Patti Keipe,* watercolor

Judith Kervin, Mixed Media

James Kiesow, acrylic

Aina Kinens, oil, watercolor

Deb Klinkert, ceramics

May Klisch,***

Kerri Knapp, acrylic

Susan Koleas,***

Tom Kubala, watercolor

Tom Kulich, varied

 directory copy 11.png

Catherine Laing,** jewelry

Christine LeGrand, oil, acrylic

LeeAnne Lehnert, beach glass

August Lenz, varied

Andrew Linden,*** watercolor, ink

Jean Ann Lipscomb, jewelry

Paul Lisowski,***

John Lockwood, encaustic photography

Terri Lockwood, encaustic, mixed media 

Colleen Lohr, acrylic, mixed media

Jack Long, photography

M directory copy 7.png

Gail Macejkovic, oil

Jazi Manetti,***ceramics

Green Markos, acrylic, mixed media

Kari Marquardt,***watercolor, oil

Mary Mayhew, oil

Janet Tenneson McCartyvaried

Reilly McClellan,*

Bonita McComb, varied

Karen McCormick, oil, cold wax

Kelley McDougall, varied 

Barbara Jean McHugh, photography

Jon McHugh,***

Joseph Mendla, metal

Mary Mendla, oil, cold wax

Janann Miller, varied

Renee Mitchell,*** 

Sami Mooney,***

Mary Ellen Mueller,** oil

N directory copy 8.png

Phyllis Nasiopulos,* watercolor, charcoal

Julia Nawrot, varied

Kathleen Nelson, watercolor, mixed media

Pamela Nourse,*** acrylic, mixed media

Katherine Nowak, varied

O directory copy 9.png

Lynne Oehlke, jewelry

P directory copy 10.png

Jack Pachuta, author, printmaking

Nancy Palmer,***

Sandra Pape,** watercolor, charcoal

Leslie Paulus, oil

Brenda Peterson, oil

Robert Powell, photography

Deborah Prahl, mixed media

Q directory copy 11.png

Lynn Quissek,*** 

R directory copy 12.png

Charlotte Reyes,*** mixed media

Jewell Riano-Bradley,* printmaking

Susan Rice, printmaking

Adele Richert, oil

Lynn Rix,* oil

Deb Rolfs, oil

Barb Rossi, oil

Penelope Rostad,***

Betty Rubner,* watercolor, acrylic

Lynne Ruehl, watercolor, alcohol ink

Pamela Ruschman, oil

Susan Rybarchyk,***

S directory copy 8.png

Michael Santini, oil

Karin Savage, acrylic

Mary Schigoda,***

Bryan Schneider,***

Lauren Schreiner, oil, cold wax

Renee Schreiner, acrylic

Kappy Schwab, varied

Jeanne Selep

Jim Selle, mixed media

Laurie Shovers, varied

Benjamin Sloma,***

Debbie Sommer, varied

Rebecca Sorenson,***

Teri Sparacino, watercolor

Maureen Squire, varied

Levi Stair,*** photography 

Jerry Steingraeber, oil, acrylic

Maddy Straka,***

Susan Straus,ceramics

Tammie Strause, art supporter

Alice Struck, watercolor

Michael Sturm, varied

Kitty Sturrock, watercolor

Kathleen Irons Sweeney, varied

T directory copy 13.png

Lill Taugher,* jewelry, lampwork

Kerry Tharp, mosaics

Michelle Savas Thompson, oil

Fred Thorne,***

Sandy Truntz, textile

V directory copy 15.png

Caitlin Voigt,***

W directory copy 16.png

Danielle Wade,***

Helen Waldschmidt, ceramics

Donna Wallner,***

Clarey Wamhoff, painting

Richard Wandell, acrylic

Joshua Wankowski,*** photography

Laura Weber, mixed media, basketry

Susie Weber,* metal, glass, etc.

Carol Weiss, oil

Bunnie Werth, varied

Jeany Wetzel, acrylic

Bonnie White,***

Elizabeth Whitmore,*** varied

Z directory copy 18.png

Jeff Zimpel,* photography



President: Ellen Anderson

Membership: Susie Weber

Newsletter: Amy Hafemann

Social Media: Lill Taugher

Website: Susie Weber

Main Street Gallery:
Betty Rubner, Patti Keipe  

Hospitality: Phyllis Nasiopulos


Susan Straus, Maureen Squire

Annual Juried Exhibit:
Karla Byl, Jewel Riano
Covered Bridge Studio Art Tour: 
Lynn Rix, Reilly McClellan

Holiday Art Fair: Jeff Austin

Paint Cedarburg:

Katherine de Shazer, Hector Acuna

Vice President: Kandy Gibson

Secretary: Jeff Zimpel

 Treasurer: Mary Lou Austin